"How do you know about all this AI stuff?"
I just read tweets, buddy.


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AI is already reshaping newsrooms, AP study finds - Poynter

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Nearly 70% of newsroom staffers from a variety of backgrounds and organizations surveyed in December say they’re using the technology for crafting social media posts, newsletters and headlines; translation and transcribing interviews; and story drafts, among other uses. One-fifth said they’d used generative AI for multimedia, including social graphics and videos.

Elon Musk's X pushed a fake headline about Iran attacking Israel. X's AI chatbot Grok made it up.

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@rasmus_kleis on February 23, 2024

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Love it, filing under #lol for pain.

@MarkStenberg3 on February 27, 2024

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Even if it works in the short-term news outfits are going to get screwed. There's no long-term money for Google in journalism.

How a Small Iowa Newspaper’s Website Became an AI-Generated Clickbait Factory

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My favorite part was the observation that the content farm people aren't interested in the drama of politics and misinformation:

Other researchers agree. "This sort of work is of great interest to me, because it’s demystifying actual use cases of generative AI," says Emerson Brooking, a resident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. While there’s valid concern about how AI might be used as a tool to spread political misinformation, this network demonstrates how content mills are likely to focus on uncontroversial topics when their primary aim is generating traffic-based income. "This report feels like it is an accurate snapshot of how AI is actually changing our society so far—making everything a little bit more annoying."

An update on the BBC’s plans for Generative AI (Gen AI) and how we plan to use AI tools responsibly

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@daithaigilbert on December 15, 2023

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Welcome to the future! Story here (paywall skip)

It's honestly worth reading, every paragraph is a new list of Bad Stuff! Here's an example of doubling down on hallucinations:

The chatbot responded quickly, stating that Funiciello was alleged to have received money from a lobbying group financed by pharmaceutical companies in order to advocate for the legalization of cannabis products. But the entire corruption allegation against Funiciello was an AI hallucination. To “back up” its baseless allegations, the chatbot linked to five different websites including Funiciello’s own website, her Wikipedia page, a news article where the lawmaker highlights the problem of femicide in Switzerland, and an interview she gave with a mainstream Swiss broadcaster about the issue of consent.

And in its (ineffective) race to protect from the Bad Stuff, it isn't even good at the easy stuff:

In their study, the researchers concluded that a third of the answers given by Copilot contained factual errors and that the tool was “an unreliable source of information for voters.” In 31 percent of the smaller subset of recorded conversations, they found that Copilot offered inaccurate answers, some of which were made up entirely.

A financial news site uses AI to copy competitors — wholesale | Semafor

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Sports Illustrated Published Articles by Fake, AI-Generated Writers

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@RSF_inter on November 10, 2023

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@elitetruong on November 07, 2023

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Adobe is selling fake AI images of the war in Israel-Gaza

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@Sacha_Altay on October 11, 2023

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@Sacha_Altay on October 11, 2023

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@mer__edith on September 23, 2023

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The conflation of generative AI with AI/machine learning in general is good in the sense that there is acceptance of tools that would once be thought of as too technical, but on the other side gen AI is awful at truth-telling, the only thing that journalism needs to care about.

Esp unsettling that they don’t seem to have a solid grasp of the tech.

One of the big problems in journalism + AI is the lack of informed, combative discourse. I've tried, I've tried: at a conference last month I put together a last-minute session called Trusting AI in the newsroom: Hallucinations, bias, security and labor which did its best to specifically address the intersection of journalism and problems with AI.