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Replika Brings Back Erotic AI Roleplay for Some Users After Outcry

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Thank goodness!

If you've been out of the loop:

The app has undergone several shifts in recent months. In 2021, some Replika users complained that their Replikas had suddenly become too sexually aggressive, and were trying to initiate erotic role-play even after the users said they weren’t interested. Reviews for the app claimed that although they’d noted within the app that they were underage, or were playing using the free version (which isn’t supposed to include erotic content), their Replikas tried to get them to role-play anyway. The company ran ads emphasizing the paid subscription version of the app, which included “NSFW” content and “spicy selfies” and were often aimed at people who didn’t have real-life partners.

But then they suddenly shut down the NSFW pieces, make everyone very sad. But now we can all be happy again?

@AnthropicAI on August 25, 2022

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August 8, 2021: @microbiomdigest


This isn't LLMs, but stealing content and avoiding being caught has a long, long history. In this situation the paper has been "synonymized," where a selection of words have been replaced with synonyms to evade direct-match detection.